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RMCS was established to address the need to supply solutions to the rebar , mesh, concrete & precast industry. Due to demand from our customers, RMCS expanded into other sectors of the construction Industry.

RMCS together with its international partners supply the South African construction industry with a range of number one products in its class. RMCS has the knowledge base together with the widest range of product offerings and solutions available to service this market. Our customers can rely on the quality of our products and our excellent service together with the backup and support of our international partners.

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The Concrete Society of Southern Africa NPC (CSSA) is registered as a non-profit Public Benefit Organisation which promotes excellence and innovation in the use of concrete and related products and services.     


Bronze Member of Concrete Society

You can claim 125% of purchases from RMCS in terms of Preferential Procurement on your BEE Scorecard

Level 2 BEE Contributor

Excellent Products & Service

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